Hi Rachael and family, I just wanted to tell you that my little bubba, my husband and I are so thankful for your lovely recipes. Our son Theo hated being fed purees and we had a total of two weeks of desperate mama, dad and of course baby. I talked to my lovely midwife and she suggested to try BLW with him and I can tell you that I was scared and had the image of a choking baby in my head. But I started researching and found your page on Instagram and ordered the Baby-Led Weaning book. We then started with a cucumber when he was 6 month old and oh boy, he loved it. Since then he had your eggy muffins, oaty muffins, the lovely stew, sweet potatoe gnocchi and many more. We all love your ideas and tips and I started batch cooking and it makes things so much easier. You are an inspiration for every BLW family and I just love your videos on Insta. We have no more crying baby at the dinner table and all get to enjoy this family time. Thanks again and I’m looking forward to many more recipes, tips and videos. Love the Clan.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The last few weeks I have been making your recipes and they are SO easy! I now have a pantry packed full of the ingredients and my daughters are now eating your meals every day. Everyone is asking me where I get the recipes, even people without kids! What an amazing mum you are Xx Tessa

I just wanted to say a huge thanks! Your website is an amazing resource with delicious nutrious recipes. I know it’s meant for babies but Mummy gets stuck into the food too! You’ve helped our blw journey despite it not being the easiest one. My 23 month old has a long list of food intolerances but I can adapt most of your recipes to suit her needs. It’s great having a website I can turn to for food for her when so much doesn’t agree with her. I do however need another freezer with all the batch cooking I do to keep ahead and stay organised. Thank you thank you thank you! Xx Emma

Hi!! I’d like to thank you so much for helping all us BLW mamas to make our lives incredibly easier and with a ton load more confidence. I started BLW at 6 months 3 days with my baby girl and she’s now a few days shy from being 8 months. She is doing fantastic and a huge thank you to your recipes on your website bc they make me it so much easier to plan meals to make for her without the fuss worry and extra work!!! She really loves all your recipes!!!!! Thank you so much again!!!!!!! I forgot to mention these are by far one of her favorites !! The 3 ingredient sweet potato fritters and kale beef balls!! These two are so easy to make to freeze and defrost!!! She loves loves! And the salmon croquettes!! Haven’t tried freezing them but we finish them so quickly bc my daughter, husband and I love them too! I just want to thank you so so much and know that you are truly amazing and you are helping thousands of mamas out there who are considering and also doing BLW with their children. Please keep doing what you are doing because you really are motivation for a lot us mamas to help our babies learn healthy eating habits! We need more of you in this world! ❤️ From Mare Xanne

Just gotta say a huge thank you, I can’t even remember how I came across your website but it has been my lifesaver! I’m not great in the kitchen, but all your recipes are so simple I haven’t stuffed one up yet haha I have a freezer full of food ready to go and it is all healthy and such great variety. I recommend your page to everyone with babies haha anyway just wanted to say thanks and keep those recipes coming!! X Rachel M (Instagram follower)

I just want to say thank you for your blog! I’m a Nanny and have been leading the way for the child baby led weaning plan. I cook for him multiple times a day and he has loved the few recipes I’ve made from your blog. They save me so much time and he eats it!! I am cooking and storing in the freezer and so happy! Also, I’m eating everything and feeling real healthy about it haha. xx From Tori (instagram follower)

Thankyou for making recipes that a total newbie to the kitchen can cook! I can actually make homemade food for my baby and we are both loving the experience x


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