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Evelyn is about to turn 9 months so we’ll be starting our 4th month of BLW. She started at 6 months old and swallowed from day one. Granted it wasn’t a lot at first, But I was still surprised! Some of the first things we introduced to her were avocado, banana and sweet potato. There hasn’t been anything along the way that she hasn’t liked! I think her favorite is plain Greek yogurt that we give to her in frozen form. At about 7 and a half months she was really comfortable with eating and started taking a little more than she would handle and would gag more than previously. That lasted about a week and then it calmed back down. At 8 months she started eating a lot more! I remember giving her half of a banana and after a few minutes I thought maybe she dropped it. But it was gone! She ate the whole thing! She’s such a good eater and loves everything we give her! The only issue I ever noticed was with tomato sauce. It didn’t sit well with her stomach and she ended up puking. It didn’t surprise me as I was allergic to tomatoes as a child. So we’re steering clear of those for now. She’s been fine with “allergy foods” such as nut butter and eggs. Since day one we’ve loved baby led weaning. It’s such a fun and natural experience. I love watching her get messy and experiencing new foods. Some advice that I have would be to research completely before starting. Know that gagging is normal and know the difference between gagging and choking. Learn infant cpr. Learn when is the appropriate time for your baby to start. I’ve heard some people show interest with blw because they just want to feed the baby off their plate. I don’t think that’s a good enough reason. Baby led weaning has so many benefits besides it being “easy”. It’s natural in the way that they’re chewing before swallowing vs purees when they swallow before they chew. It teaches them to know when they’re hungry and full instead of with purees when you’re trying to feed a whole jar of purees so you don’t waste it. It allows them to experience with so many foods and learn to love them. So my advice is to have a passion for baby led weaning and go into knowing as much as you possibly can!

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To all BLWers out there! We would love to hear about you and your baby’s success with BLW!

I am looking for success stories between:

• 6mo-10mo
• 10mo-18mo
• 18mo+

If you could please email me at or hashtag #myblwer with you and your bub’s success story answering the following questions, that would be amazing and really appreciated!

1. When did your baby commence BLW?
2. What were bub’s first foods?
3. At what month did your baby ‘really’ start to eat/swallow a lot more foods?
4. If you could give one piece of advice to new mums/dads starting out, what would it be?
5. Any setbacks ie allergies, intolerances, eating regression?
6. What age is your baby now and is she/he a good eater now?
7. Please also attach your favorite BLW photo (moment) of your bub enjoying/playing/discovering his/her food! (PLEASE also let me know if you are happy for me to put this on my new upcoming BLW website ☺



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