My Story

My name is Rachael and this is my family, my world. I am a Mummy who is very passionate about nutrition, fitness and BLW. I started this website because there is little information out there about Baby Led Weaning and a lot of conflicting information about when to introduce solids. I wanted to simplify it all in one place on the internet, to share with my fellow mums, dads, child cares, babysitters and whoever out there who is starting out or interested! I wanted the best for my daughter when it came to her nutrition in the first year of life, so of i went and researched. I reached out to the main health and nutrition authorities world wide and looked at their recommendations, I have also combined this with my own personal experience with my gorgeous 12mo old daughter who went through the BLW process from around 6mo. I would like to share these findings, experiences and recommendations with my fellow mums and dads out there!

To be honest I was sh*t scared of doing baby led weaning in the first couple of wks/months, i thought the only way was purees! just like our mums and grandmas did… but looking back now at seeing how much Ava enjoys her food and what a non-fussy amazing eater she is – i would 100% recommend this way of introducing solids to your baby to anyone! it is is just so natural, less time consuming, no mush, no pureeing, no blenders, just straight out family food. It has been the most amazing and transforming experience i have ever been through.

Mums and dads just starting out with BLW, keep it up, be patient, do your research, check out my starter tips and lastly sit back, relax and enjoy being part of your babies ‘introduction to food journey’.

xx Rach

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