How to tell if you have a ripe avocado? 🥑

How to tell if you have a ripe avocado? 🥑

Want a perfectly green and creamy avocado on the inside and free from brown spots??

✅ THE KEY IS “CHECKING UNDER THE STEM”. This part of the avocado holds a sneak peak for what’s going on under the skin. ‘Peel back the small stem/cap at the top of the avocado’. If it comes away easily and you find “green underneath” (like in this picture), you’ve got a good avocado that’s ripe and ready to eat.

How to tell a BAD avocado??

If you pull back the stem and find brown underneath, the avocado is overripe, and you’re likely to find brown spots inside the fruit. And, if the stem doesn’t come off, the fruit is not yet ripe enough to eat.

Avocado – great first food:

Avocado ‘nature’s perfect food’ 👌🏻is a perfect first food for baby led weaners 6mo+ ….. 🙌🏻 Full of nutrients, good fats, are tasty and soft for little ones starting out or even older BLWers. A wonderful “good fat” food for baby’s brain and physical development.

👶 Want to know Ava’s babyledweaning first foods from 6mo+ ? Check out “Our Journey” on this website! We never did packet or processed ‘baby cereals’ from the supermarket… we just started Ava with foods from the land such as yummy avocados fresh served in big slices 🥑 so her little fists 👊 could pick them up…. alongside foods that contained iron, b12, zinc.

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