Evan is 12mo has NO teeth and is totally rocking BLW!

Evan is 12mo has NO teeth and is totally rocking BLW!

Been loving your instagram food ideas, especially as Evan is growing along together with Ava!

1. When did your baby commence BLW?

I started with purees at 6 months, which wasn’t easy at all. With all my effort cooking and freezing tiny portions for Even, and barely getting 2 baby spoons of food in, it just didn’t make sense to me.

2. What were bub’s first foods?

I ended up doing to BLW at 7 months with fruit first. And he absolutely enjoyed it ever since. I know he’s definitely eating more and his pincer grasp is significantly better than his peers. He picks up Cheerios with accuracy, even a grain of rice.

I’ve had a lot of doubts from my friends who question that I give my baby table foods, even chicken pieces or pork ribs (especially when he still doesn’t have any teeth at 12mo), but then act completely surprised and jealous when I’m free to enjoy my food during mealtimes.

3. At what month did your baby ‘really’ start to eat/swallow a lot more foods?

8 months was probably when he really started to eat a very good amount. I love that he will keep eating till he’s done, so I’m never concerned or worried that he doesn’t have enough. (then he throws his food lol) second best part about blw: he patiently sits in his high chair as he eats while I get to enjoy my meal in peace, even at restaurants ✌?

4. If you could give one piece of advice to new mums/dads starting out, what would it be? 

Advice to starting parents: give your baby more credit about eating – and don’t worry about a lack of teeth. (No teeth at 12mo and totally rocking blw)

5. Any setbacks ie allergies, intolerances, eating regression?

When I went on a trip, i didn’t bring a cooker to prepare steamed veggies for him, so we had packed purees. I definitely regretted that when I saw him enjoying his blw back home again, eating everything licking his fingers. Till now, purees and him aren’t good friends, he eats about 2oz a meal most days. But give him table foods, and I constantly have to keep preparing and cutting up more foods for him cuz the plate keeps running out! And I think it definitely helped with the smash cake, cuz he was so curious with touching exploring and tasting!

6. What age is your baby now and is she/he a good eater now

Bub is now 12mo has NO teeth and is totally rocking blw!

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