Bekah was 5.5mo when she showed all BLW readiness signs

Bekah was 5.5mo when she showed all BLW readiness signs
Bekah enjoying her Kiwi at 6mo
Bekah enjoying her Kiwi at 6mo

1. When did your baby commence BLW?

I came across the idea of baby led weaning whilst i was reading stuff about having a baby. Bekah’s my first baby so you can imagine the amount of information i was trying to cram to prepare for her
When Bekah was about 5.5months she was getting very interested in food and she ticked all the checklist to say she’s ready for BLW. I was a bit hesitant at first because it felt like i was going against what everyone’s advice about starting with pureed food.

2. What were bub’s first foods?

One night i just handed her a piece of steamed carrot stick to try and my husband and i couldnt believe how fast she figured out what to do. Well…she threw most of it everywhere but she also had some in her mouth. She has since joined us every dinner time and now eats most of what we offer. I have also been experimenting on cooking for her since I want make sure her food doesnt have any preservatives or sugar or salt. Good thing is, my husband and I are also eating healthier now because we want to share the same meal as Bekah. I didnt think baby food would be appealing.haha.

3. If you could give one piece of advice to new mums/dads starting out, what would it be?

I guess for parents who want to give it a try, just dont be disappointed if baby wont dive into the food immediately. I believe every thing babies do is an opportunity for them to learn so if baby decides she likes to wear the spaghetti you prepared, let her. Oh and they do get better. 

4. What age is your baby now and is she/he a good eater now?

Now at 8 months, Bekah can pick up quartered grapes from her tray…sometimes even without looking! Thats some pincher grasp mastery!  I get my ideas from ‘babyledweaningideas’ instagram page. Its very inspiring and Ava’s such a sweetheart.

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