Flying with a BLWer? Want to see what we packed?

Flying with a BLWer? Want to see what we packed?

Want to see what we packed for our BLWer?

All airlines only offer puree for bubs under 12m. As we were doing pure Baby Led Weaning (baby self-feeds and eats real solids from 6mo+), purees/spoon feeding (the traditional way to feed your baby) was not a option at all. “So we packed our own food and cancelled the infant puree meal on the plane”.

Most airlines allow parents to take food on the plane as carry on luggage for your baby both international and domestic (this included water in a non-spill cup and food packed into a cooler bag for the flight.


What we packed for a Long haul flight when Ava was 10 months old: 

  • A cooler bag
  • A ice pack (to keep food fresh)
  • Steamed carrots that were refrigerated prior to the plane journey, then placed into a cooler bag when ready to leave the house
  • Cold cooked pasta spirals
  • Blueberries
  • 1x banana
  • A couple of slices of Ava’s breakfast loaf – recipe here
  • Ava’s #munchkin sippy cup (empty – as u can fill it up after going through all the gates) –
  • Ava’s #explorer bib 

These were all non messy food easy to handle! 

Note: if you were flying long haul with a 6mo+ BLWer, you could pack similar foods… maybe not the blueberries as they may be messy and squish everywhere, I would probably just pack Ava’s Breakfast Loaf and a banana.

Remember: ‘food before 1 is just for fun!’, Breastmilk (or formula) feeds remain primary nutrition in the first year.

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