Out and about with a BLWer?

Out and about with a BLWer?

Head out and about with BLW, there is no reason why you can’t pack a container with some steamed carrots, sweet potato, pasta shapes, sticks of cucumber, buy a banana when you are out or just pull some bits out of the salad you are eating or offer some of your brunch (avocado on toast always works a treat!).

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-11-16-49-pmBananas are so easy to grab as a breakfast for Bub, I gave her some avocado on toast as well as she always wants to eat what I’m eating ?? gets FOMO big time!  Thank god for our bugaboo… Adjusted our highchair setting on our bugaboo chameleon pram ? some cafes just don’t have highchairs grrrr (which annoys me ??)

What packing looks like for us when bub and I go out in the pram??
Cooler bag (with a small bag of ice that I keep in the freezer, to keep food cool) potato slices, carrots, sweet pototo and blueberries! And her loved sippy cup! Share some of your snack ideas? Bub was 8mo here:


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