BLW encouragement & reflection at 8mo…

BLW encouragement & reflection at 8mo…

Blast from the past! Bub ‘shy of 6mo.’ The start of our baby led weaning journey. How did we know when to start?? Bub could ‘just’ sit up supported with towels to keep her in position, she had a strong neck hold, she showed great interest in food and picking up what was on our plates! 

Her first food was broccoli which she just sucked and it fell out of her mouth… We then gave her steamed pumpkin, carrot, then a lamb shank bone with loads of juices which she loved!!

What an amazing journey blw has been, she is such a great eater now at 8mo, she can pretty much eat anything we give her! All we have done is offered food to bub and she takes all control from there on… She can eat as much or as little as she wants, she can play with it, squeeze it, drop it and see where it falls/then drops it again and again ha most importantly we think of it as free play for her ? 

Keep going mummies and daddies if you are just starting out with blw!!!! The mess can be a pain, the setbacks (teething or when bub decides she does not want to eat anything u cooked her/him), ‘other people (friends, family, nurses etc) will tell you ‘that it’s silly and “just do purees”, your bub will gag and it is scary at the beginning – but this phase passes with time and more practice, I promise it does get better and better and your bubs confidence in eating and skill development through touch and play improves day by day! The rewards outweigh all of this and the mess ???? keep it up!!! Lastly I would like to thank massively my husband Paul for supporting and encouraging all of us through the mess, the gags and also having a great interest in Ava’s BLWing journey that will continue… ? xxx

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