Owen started BLW at 6.5mo… now is 11mo!

Owen started BLW at 6.5mo… now is 11mo!

1. When did your baby commence BLW?
We started when Owen was 6 months. After we started he got a cold so we stopped and then started again at 6.5 months.

2. What were bub’s first foods?
First food was avocado. Then we tried sweet potato, then toast.

Owen at 6.5mo
Owen at 6.5mo

3. At what month did your baby ‘really’ start to eat/swallow a lot more foods?
He really started to swallow a lot more around 8.5 months.

4. If you could give one piece of advice to new mums/dads starting out, what would it be?
I would say relax and have fun with it. Remember not to worry if baby isn’t swallowing much or just doesn’t seem into it some days, they will get there! Also, take it at a pace that makes you comfortable. I only felt comfortable giving very soft foods at first, but as my confidence grew so did baby’s!

5. Any setbacks ie allergies, intolerances, eating regression?
We’ve had a few small regressions when he’s not feeling well, but that’s it! We also have been dealing with throwing food on the floor, which we just ignore and say “all done” after 1-2 chances.

6. What age is your baby now and is she/he a good eater now?
He’s 11 months. He’s a good eater for sure! He is just coming out of a regression due to a cold, but his eating is getting better every day. I’m amazed at what he can eat with only 7 teeth! I’m having such a great time making us a meal and feeding him what’s on my plate, it makes things so easy!

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